Add a New List

Adding a new mailing list is simple. Press add symbol on the top right corner and you will be presented with a pop up to enter your mailing list's name. You can also add image by tapping on the placeholder image after you created the mailing lists.

Add & Create & Customize

Mailing Lists iPhone application provides you with intuitive way to manage all your mailing lists.

Manage & Import

You can add emails manually or simply copy&paste multiple emails from other apps and import all with one click.

Assign images to your lists for better customization. Edit your mailing lists' names and add/remove contact's mails easily. You can also compose email right within the app and use your mailing lists in there.

Design by Max, Multiple emails

iCloud Sync & Back up

iCloud Sync & Back Up

iCloud sync helps you back up all of your Mailing Lists automatically and reuse them everywhere.

  • Automatically backed up to iCloud and sync to all your iDevices
  • Add/remove contacts using a simple UI
  • Manually add an email address which is not in you Address Book
  • Add multiple contacts using copy/paste feature
  • Assign pictures to each mailing list

Premium Features

  • If you like the FREE version, buy premium version through
    in-app purchases
  • Unlimitted Mailing Lists Creation
  • Complete iCloud Sync and Groups Management
  • Picture Assignments to Mailing Lists
  • and more

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